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Mike Cunningham Voice Actor and Voiceover

Resounding. Sonorous. Genuine.

Mike Cunningham is a Voice Actor with a wide range both personally and professionally. He's driven all over the country, served in the military, worked at nonprofits and schools, probably fixed your relatives' computers, and brought his warm and direct voice along for it all.  He was inspired to begin his journey into voice acting because of his genuine honesty, love for expressing himself, and the realization of his resonating and recognizable sound.

Mike has experience working in ADR / Dubbing, IVR, Commercial, Live Broadcasting, Public Events, and other mediums. He is also professionally trained by acclaimed voice actors such as Tim Powers and Michael Yurchak.


He can be your next door neighbor, a friend, a mysterious stranger, a joker, a trusted voice of reason, or a villain. Whether you are looking for someone to give a bright and natural feel to your script, or a warm, deep, and friendly voice to bring life to your role, you've found your guy.

Located in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, he is quickly and easily available for any North East or Mid-Atlantic location - From New York to Washington D.C. and beyond.

Please contact me to discuss how I can bring your copy to life!


Sennheiser MKH 416

Neumann TLM-103

Mojave Audio MA-200

Adobe Audition

Izotope RX10

Live Direction available through all major video services

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